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Bill Wyman in 1955
Bill Wyman: I was called up for national service in the RAF in January 1955
I reported to RAF Cardington for about 10 days – then was posted to RAF Padgate for 8 week’s basic training – which was a nightmare
My Service number was: 2745787
From there I was posted to RAF Credenhill near Hereford for Trade Training, & passed out as a Clerk Progress (maths, graphs, statistics etc)
The Photo from Summer 1955 in Hereford
In the autumn, after signing for an extra year (for more benefits & better treatment) I was posted to RAF Oldenburg in North Germany (BFPO 40), where I spent the rest of my service in the Motor Transport Section
The camp was comprised of 3 Hawker Hunter squadrons - 23 Squadron, 26 Squadron & 33 Squadron, & included 1,000 RAF Regiment members – the whole camp comprised 4,000 military personnel
The camp was on a 4-hour (evacuate the camp) alert for most of the time I was there, being only 100 miles from the Russian border
The Suez Crisis occurred while I was on leave in England, & I was obliged to return to base immediately
It was here that I heard the beginnings of Rock ‘n’ Roll on AFN Radio (American Forces Network), & took up guitar playing for the first time
In 1957 I formed a skiffle group on camp
I was demobbed in January 1958

David Fowler

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